This Radioactive Diamond Battery Can Last For 28,000 Years


Scientists and researchers have invented batteries that are going to be so durable and sustainable that they will have the ability to outlive you and your future generations. The company that has brought this technology is based in San Francisco and is a startup called Nano Diamond Battery (NDB). It describes the radioactive diamond battery as a “high-power diamond-based alpha, beta, and neutron voltaic battery” for its ability to give devices “life-long and green energy.”

Whether it is medical-related issues like powering a pacemaker or sending satellites or rovers into space and on mars, the battery will be able to supply relentless and smooth power to each one of them without the threat of it running out. All of these operations will be able to run on their own without human existence.

Diamonds are the best heat conductors, and this claim was further proved by research done by the University of Houston’s College of Engineering which stated that diamonds were three or four times more conductive than copper or silver. Hence, the battery uses nano-diamonds to supply electricity by conductivity.

The diamonds are produced in the labs. They are described as, “artificially boron-doped diamonds.” The method of chemical vapor deposition is used where the gases at high temperatures force the carbon to crystallize and turn into diamonds. This makes the process costly and energy-intensive. They are artificially generated blue diamonds.

These small diamonds will not be used individually. In fact, they will be assembled together in a large number so they can power the devices for longer terms and smoothly. This increases the expenses and the complexity of the battery makeup.

Scientists claim that this battery can last for 28,000 years in devices that are slow-paced. As an initial commercial product, a smartwatch powered by this radioactive battery is expected to be launched by 2022.


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