This Potato Chip Maker Has Launched A Hilarious Finger Washing Machine

Lays is undoubtedly the world’s bestselling potato chip brand and being the best, it has recently launched a limited-edition miniature washing machine for oily fingertips!

No matter how much people love devouring potato chips, one thing they hate about it is the grease they leave on our fingertips. You need to have napkins on hand, lick your fingertips, or get up from that comfortable sofa and wash up when you’re done eating your heart out. Now, an ingenious marketing campaign has brought great news for potato chip enthusiasts. They will have a miniature washing machine designed specifically to clean oily fingertips.

It sounds quite funny, and it sort of is. The concept itself is interesting, but the fact that they made this contraption look like a classic washing machine was pure genius.

All you have to do is press the on/off button, put your oily fingertip into the machine through the laundry door and wait for them to be cleansed for you. It is not as advanced as the actual machine but it features a clever induction system that sprays atomized alcohol when it detects your fingertip inside the washing machine. The alcohol comes from a refillable tank at the bottom of the mini washing machine.

The Lays fingertip washing machine measures 15 cm in height, and 11 cm in width, and features a USB Type-C charging port.

The fingertip washing machine recently went viral on Japanese social media, with countless people being intrigued by it, either as a collector’s item or just for fun. Unfortunately, only five such devices will be made available, and not commercially, but through a special lottery. It’s unclear whether people from outside Japan can participate for a chance to win one.

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