This New Unicycle Can Go At Speeds Up To 87mph – And It Is Dangerously Fun

InMotion is an electric transport specialist and brought its electric unicycle (EUC) lineup for full off-roading. It has come up with an all-new V13 Challenger which is the fastest, most powerful one-wheeler in the world, according to the Chinese company. It can put out a peak of 10,000 watts and power up to speeds of 87 mph (140 km/h), the V13 is more explosive than many electric two-wheelers.

The new V13 Challenger has design features to help maximize power and speed while keeping the rider as safe as possible. A 126-V electrical architecture with upgraded cables ensures smooth, safe power delivery from the 3,024-Wh battery pack to the 4,500-W motor, which boasts a peak output of 10 kW and maximum torque of 300 Nm.

The actual speed it will reach on the ground will rely upon the weight of the rider, ground surface, battery status, and other factors. It can reach nearly 90 mph.

It has a new suspension that delivers 3.5 inches (90 mm) of cushion by way of independent air shocks and dampers on each side of the wheel.

The company has also added a dual-hall sensor layout for more precise motor control, upgraded the battery management system (BMS) with new algorithms, and added component redundancy to improve safety.

The V13 Challenger rider platform includes adjustable-tilt pedals, a touchscreen computer, a headlight and taillight, USB and USB-C ports for mobile device charging, and an upper safety cage around vital electricals that doubles as a set of lift handles. It also has a folding trolley handle for rolling the wheel by hand. It rides atop a 22 x 3-in off-road tire, and multi-piece construction makes it easier to break down for repairing a flat or making modifications.

In terms of charging, the V13 has two ports located above the taillight that combine for 1,764 watts. When the owner uses both, the battery charges in 2 to 2.5 hours.

InMotion introduced the V13 Challenger last week but it is yet to appear on the website and Amazon. E Riderz, an InMotion dealer in Australia, has it up for preorder at a special price of AU$5,699. Special preorder pricing is expected to be $3,999 in the US.

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