This Pill Plays Music Inside Your Stomach After It Is Swallowed


So apparently, there are weirder/cooler ways of listening to music than I can imagine. Czech Artist Jan Poope has made an experimental art device that can play your favorite tunes from inside your body. But how does it get inside? See it’s a pill that can be swallowed, thus adeptly named Audiopill and then you can wait for it to take effect. It creates the feeling of being in a concert all the time and have powerful audio system blaring songs right inside your own body. Unfortunately. it comes up with only three preset beats; No pussy blues, Die Antwoord and MIA. So, if you don’t like any of those, you probably won’t pre-order on IndieGoGo. But, that is not the only thing you have to be concerned about while buying it

Once ingested, the bills finds its way to the gastrointestinal tract. Then it causes a searing pain in your pelvic area that will make you regret your decision to swallow this pill. Probably the pill can’t be digested, and it causes the muscles to go crazy in an attempt to digest it. Nothing wrong with a few ulcers when you can sprout music from your very skin, huh? When the pain dies, the melodious songs begin to play that create amazing feelings of “restlessness, amazement, and elation”. So, it’s more of a device to get high with music. Sweet….


The music lasts for ten hours, and you can technically not stop it because there is no shut-off mechanism at all. So unless you want to opt for surgery, the sound is there to last for some time. An average Saturday night I’d say! The IndieGoGo page is full of references to how it can go off with a bang and how it might be the most stupid attempt on your own life that you can possibly imagine. You also need to examine your faeces so that you have proof of it successfully passing through your tract.

As expected, people had enough sense not to crowdfund this fatal-yet-slightly amusing pill. It has only raised 148€ from its 150,000€ goal. So, it seems more of a psychotic prank rather than a genuine crowdfunding campaign. I would also advise the readers not to purchase it, even for slipping it in your friends’ drink. It’s not worth it. 

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