These Photorealistic Airbrushed Portraits By Dru Blair Will Leave You In Awe


Dru Blair is a true advocate of “keep on trying” and this is where his journey began from.

The guy experts in hyper-realistic airbrushed images and portraits. Viewers of his work are mostly left in shock and also doubt that the images couldn’t be a painting, rather confuse it with a real taken photograph.

Over growing the errors is the real beauty of trying. Dru Blair is convinced that making a mistake is the first step to build a masterpiece and says anything could be achieved if you truly believe in yourself.

Doing pretty much the same, the guy achieved unbelievable reality in his airbrushed paintings. He finds this method of painting the most amusing and says it asks for minimal effort.

Art lovers are left in awe when they have a look at his work, and the world is convinced that no other could match the level of his perfection and reality.

Making a statement that none other is better in Airbrushed Portraits than Dru Blair won’t be wrong. He also runs the only school that teaches the skills of Airbrush Painting to create realist photo artists; the institute is called “School of Realism.”

Dru stepped into the world of art while he was enrolled for a master’s degree. Therefrom he started to paint shirts and later worked with several ad agencies as an illustrator. Working through his wonders, he stepped up to paint covers for some renowned novels.

With the growing passion and the love for art, Dru reached to the world of photo-realism.

Astonishingly realistic Airbrushed portraits by Dru Blair leaves the viewers in awe

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