This Canadian Lady Turned Her Dog’s Collar Into Creative Props Instead

Making a dog wear a cone is like telling a kid you can not go out to play.

When it comes to dogs and cones, it is not always a good relation. However, this wasn’t the case for Finn, the labrador belonging to the Canadian woman Jenn, who, after getting neutered, had to wear a cone.

Fortunately, Finn’s owner turned out to be a creative person and didn’t choose to leave her dog all sad and depressed. She decorated a new fancy dog cone for him for all the days that he was prescribed to wear a cone, making him wag his tail in happiness.

For those of you thinking, what good does the cone brings in this scenario? It prevents the dog from licking a new wound and also keeps from ripping off a new stitch. The vet prescribed Finn to wear a cone for two long weeks, which didn’t sound as amusing to its owner.

Finn was traumatized and depressed after the little surgery where he got neutered. Jenn realized that her Golden Retriever isn’t in his happiest state. In attempts to change it, the Canadian lady made a new cone for each day. Ranging from a McDonald’s fries-themed cone to a basketball-themed cone, she made him wear all.

Initially, Finn wore his not-so-fancy headgear despite not liking it at all. This made Jenn realize that her dog is a good boy and surely deserves something fun to wear for his obedient behavior. She took all the ideas for fun dog cones from Pinterest and started making the ones she liked the most. Despite not liking to make Finn wear a medical cone, she had to do it because it was in the dog’s best interest.

Finn was happy with his new head wearable every day, and he showed that by flaunting a new one each day in the garden, whenever Jenn wanted to take a picture for his insta page.

A little unfortunate was that Finn’s trial got a little extended. After passing the two long weeks, he still wasn’t trained enough not to harm himself. She made him all the fun cones earlier, but his mommy made his new one with written how many days are left for the little nightmare to be over.

The moment of freedom finally arrived, and Finn was set free of all the fun cones. His mommy made it the best experience and ensured her baby dog doesn’t get depressed through the rough times. Finn got all healed, and it was once again safe for him to lick wherever he wanted to and become the energetic puppy once again the way he used to be.

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