This Pen-Sized 3D Printer Allows You To Draw Anything In The Air

pen-sized 3-D printery

Doodling during your least favorite class will reach a whole new level as this miniature 3D printer will let you doodle in air! The LIX 3D Pen as it has been named, will be one of the best products to come out of the 3D phenomenon as it will encourage the use of technology at a micro level and make it useful and portable. It is connected to a power source via a USB plug and once it is powered, it takes a few minutes to heat up and then, plastic filaments are inserted from the top. The melted filament then acts as 3D ink, and the hot nozzle at the end simultaneously heats up and cools down the print material.

pen-sized 3-D printer

pen-sized 3-D printery

The pen will be useful for many people from the backbencher doodle artists in an engineering class to professional cartoonists and designers. Its the perfect portable alternative to the expensive machines that one can’t use with our hands. Despite the modern technology, artists still use their hands for drawing concepts as hands are still the best design tools ever, even though they are not accurate with dimensions. LIX feels like a regular ballpoint pen and fits naturally around the hand since it is not too thick. It’s stylish appeal and compact body appeals its utility to the user that no 3D printer has ever done before. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter project details and order one if you like.

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But, one thing that keeps coming back to my mind is that what exactly is the difference between this pen and the glue gun we all use at home except for size? So, inventions like these just need to be represented in a new light to be called something entirely else!

Take a look at these amazing 3D sculptures developed by the LIX team with the help of this pen:

pen-sized 3-D printer2 pen-sized 3-D printer3 pen-sized 3-D printer

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