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This Office In Melbourne Is The Healthiest Workplace In The World To Work In

Welcome to the newly designed Medibank building located in Melbourne, Australia that is slated to be the healthiest workplace in the world. The building covers an area of more than 150,000 sq. ft. and was completed in 2014 by Hassell, an architecture firm, that decorated the interior by making use of bright colors, an exercise court, lots of staircases and lots and lots of plants. The design aims at keeping employments moving and engaged with one another while ensuring that happiness exists in the office.

As per Hassell’s description, “The new workplace was part of a major cultural change program for Australia’s largest health insurer Medibank to live its purpose to the core and create better health outcomes for its members, employees and the community.”

Welcome to the Medibank building situated in Melbourne, Australia.

The idea is to make the workers healthier and happier while ‘encouraging movement, flexibility, freedom of choice, creativity, interaction, and engagement.’

Hassell paid special attention to using bright colors, curved stairways and creating a positive work environment.

After four months of moving in, Medibank stated that its co-workers felt healthier, were collaborating more and were more productive.

Hassell imparted a lot of plants to the building for reducing stress and improving the air quality.

Apart from the 2,300 interior plants, the firm also added an edible garden off to the kitchen for promoting the idea of healthy eating.

Plants cover two 82-ft tall garden walls that face street and overall cover over 10% of the entire building.

The workers also have an outdoor courtyard where they can lounge in.

The firm focused on providing a plethora of work stations to the employees that range from individual desks to areas for group meetings.

Check out the amazing conference room!

Check out the full of sun meeting area!

The firm also installed a number of standing desks for the Medibank Employees.

A number of areas where the workers can destress are also provided, just like this ping pong table.

The employees also get a sport court where they can go workout during the day.

The court is multi-purpose court and can be used for playing tennis or basketball.

A focus on stairs was emphasized as primary means of getting around the building.

A ramp also wraps around the levels and connects them together.

According to Hassell, the building is “lightyears ahead of the more traditional office buildings.”