12 Best Offices In The World To Work In


The performance of employees in a workplace depends on its design and how it makes the workers feel. There are some offices with gloomy designs that suck the morale out of employees, while other environments are designed specifically to inspire workers and boost their creativity. For large companies, the latter types of design help attract talented and young employees that gives the company an edge against the competition.

The environment can be made more ‘worker-friendly’ in different ways. Some offices have athletic equipment which allows workers to relieve stress, while others have comfortable furniture and rooms to help them relax. Some have a fun environment that lets workers think more creatively or out of the box. Whatever the methods used, the examples of workplaces shown below are anything but boring and stifling.

1. Google

google_office(1) google_office google_office(11) google_office(10) google_office(9) google_office(8) google_office(7) google_office(6) google_office(5) google_office(4) google_office(3) google_office(2)


2. Lego

lego_office lego_office(4) lego_office(3) lego_office(2) lego_office(1)


3. Nokia

nokia nokia(3) nokia(2) nokia(1)


4. Inventionland Design Factory

inventionland(1) inventionland inventionland(4) inventionland(3) inventionland(2)

5. Selgas Cano Architecture Office

selgas_cano_office selgas_cano_office(2) selgas_cano_office(1)


6. Pallotta Teamworks

pallotta(1) pallotta pallotta(2)


7. Facebook

facebook(1) facebook facebook(3) facebook(2)


8. Dropbox

dropbox(1) dropbox dropbox(3) dropbox(2)


9. Urban Outfitters

urban_outfitter urban_outfitter(5) urban_outfitter(4) urban_outfitter(3) urban_outfitter(2) urban_outfitter(1)


10. Airbnb

airbnb airbnb(3) airbnb(2) airbnb(1)


11. Zynga

zynga(1) zynga zynga(3) zynga(2)


12. White Mountain Office

white_mountain_office(1) white_mountain_office white_mountain_office(3) white_mountain_office(2)

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    Beautiful interior designing and interior furnishing!

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