This Object Has Been Orbiting The Earth For 50 Years But No One Knows What It Is

The Black Knight – Mysterious Object Orbiting Earth

Human beings have always been fascinated by the idea of other beings out there in the space. Even with today’s advanced technology, we don’t know for sure if there is life on any other planet other than Earth. The general speculation is that even if there is some other life form, it resides far away from our galaxy. However, what if we are wrong? What if they are closer than we think they are? What if they have been in polar orbit of Earth for a long long time?

Back in 1950s, when the space race between Soviet Union and USA started, a strange discovery was made.The Black Knight – Mysterious Object Orbiting Earth

A satellite of unknown origins was detected in a polar orbit around Earth. It was supposedly, broadcasting something. The immediate response was that it was a Russian satellite, however, neither nation had the necessary technology to launch and then maintain an object in polar orbit at the specified time.The Black Knight – Mysterious Object Orbiting Earth 2

The discovery led to media going haywire and the fascination with UFOs began! Government eventually released a statement regarding this satellite calling it merely space debris. This was not enough to keep people from speculation regarding the mystery satellite that has been named as ‘The Black Knight’. It has been photographed a number of times by NASA. As per astronomers it weighs around 10 tons.The Black Knight – Mysterious Object Orbiting Earth 3 The Black Knight – Mysterious Object Orbiting Earth 4

In 1963, astronaut Gordon Cooper stated that he was seeing some kind of glowing green object orbiting the Earth. He further reported to NASA and stated that it appeared to be travelling towards his capsule. NASA confirmed the object, however the press release once astronaut was back on Earth said that what he saw was “high levels of carbon dioxide, which caused hallucinations.”



  1. Kevin Reply

    Seriously? Math solves this one easily. Anything that orbits close to the ISS orbit wouldn’t last 10 years in orbit, let alone 50 or 100 years without regular powered altitude adjustments. It might possibly happen with something that has a lot of mass but is very small, aerodynamic, and in a highly eccentric orbit so that when it’s scraping the atmosphere there is less decay to the orbital velocity. But even at the 225-250 miles of the ISS, there is a very very thin atmosphere that is enough to create a small amount of drag and cause the orbit to decay so much that it gets boosted almost monthly (a lot of variation based on how high they are and solar activity which expands the atmosphere).

    But these photos show something that is neither small nor aerodynamic. And you can’t just speed something up to make it last longer. The faster you go, the higher the orbit and eventually your speed breaks orbit. So to stay in that window for 50-100 years at an altitude where in one shot they are shooting DOWN on breaks all of the basic engineering principles we know.

    Unless of course it is powered and operating as a UAV or piloted vehicle for alien recon. But in that case they likely learned all they need to know about us in the first 2 years.

  2. Chidimma Reply

    Yes Camila thats definatley monivg and its huge for sure also if you look at the EIT 171 image using the same dates it shows this think blacked out with a square!!I mean why would they so obviously put a black square over this object surely thats hiding something more revealing to us now?This is very intriguing what do you all think now?

  3. ale Reply

    UFO = unidentified flying object, no one knows exactly what is it, yeah it’s an ufo until now

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