Here Are 8 Predictions About The World In 2025


As per Moore’s Law, we shall be witnessing an acceleration in the rate of change as we move closer to the world that offers true abundance in 2025. We have compiled a list of eight areas that will be witnessing a groundbreaking transformation in the next decade. Check out the list and let us know what you think of it.

8. Blockchain8. Blockchain

Blockchain is what the bitcoin is based on. It is a protocol that allows for direct and secure digital transfers of assets and value. Marc Andreesen, the investor, has actually invested tens of millions into its development and believes that this opportunity is as important as the creation of Internet. We are talking about carrying out transactions without any middleman and in the next decade this procedure will become the norm.

7. Early Days of JARVIS7. Early Days of JARVIS

Artificial intelligence shall be taking huge leaps in the next decade. You think Siri is doing well? Think along the lines of JARVIS from Iron Man. It will become quite normal in a decade for users to allow access to their AI in their private life; phone calls, messages and emails and even be able to scan your biometric data.

6. Augmented and Virtual Reality6. Augmented and Virtual Reality

A new generation of displays and user interface shall come into play and screens as we know them shall be phased out. Digital eyewear would become the word of the day!

5. Disruption of Healthcare5. Disruption of Healthcare

Healthcare industry is a $3.8 trillion industry and in a decade the current institutions will be phased out and shall be replaced by wearables and AI. This will give the control of health to the user. We will be better able to understand heart diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative disease and how to tackle it. Robotic surgeons shall be able to carry out surgeries autonomously at a very economical price and shall be conducting them entirely.

4. 8 Billion Hyper-Connected People4. 8 Billion Hyper-Connected People

Many companies are working on providing global connectivity and that too at a speed that will be exceeding 1MB/sec. This will increase the number of connect persons from 3 billion to 8 million and thus boost the economy by introducing 5 billion new consumers.

3. Perfect Knowledge3. Perfect Knowledge

The way things are being developed and at the pace we are moving, we shall soon be living in a world of perfect knowledge. A trillion sensors will be collecting data everywhere (satellite systems, autonomous cars, wearables, cameras and drones) and this shall allow you to know anything that you want, anywhere, anytime.

2. A Trillion-Sensor Economy2. A Trillion-Sensor Economy

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is the name given to networked connections between people, processes, devices and data. It will have more than 100 billion devices by 2025 with each device sporting more than a dozen sensors, all collecting data. This shall result in a trillion-sensor economy where data revolution would be driven at a speed far beyond our imagination. According to Cisco, the IoE shall be generating about $19 trillion of newly created value.

1. A $1,000 Human Brain1. A $1,000 Human Brain

For $1,000 in 2025, you will be able to purchase a computer that will be able to carry out calculations at 10^16 cycles per second (10,000 trillion cycles per second) – the equivalent processing speed of human brain.



  1. David Domingues Reply

    What about inequality, poverty, access to education, healthcare, literacy, etc…

  2. Mohawkndn Reply

    Smart$$$ = small arms + canned goods
    Remember I said this

  3. Dryfta Reply

    Most of these are already happening and the rest would not take more than 2-3 years to become available for the public. 2025 is going to be a lot different than what you predict here. A lot.

  4. Albert Zbingswiki Reply

    No. None of this. Here is the only valid prediction: Islamic lunatics will rule the earth, 90% of people will have been killed, the remainder will be living in caves, technology will have regressed to 6th century levels, and humanity’s brief period of promise will be over forever.

  5. Marko Reply

    People always make predictions like this:
    1. Because they want to attract attention. Especially if you’re living from ads.
    2. They think 10 years is a very long period of time.
    2. They hope nobody will remember their predictions in 10 years.

    I’ve saved this web page, so I can laugh in 2025 when most of this is proven wrong.

    • Al Reply

      I did the same 20 years ago, saved a newspaper with predictions. As expected, nothing like that happened. Though it’s not funny, it’s sad how humanity spend time and money for the wrong things…

  6. Chris Reply

    The kind of “perfect” knowledge described here implies no privacy whatsoever … as things turned out about NSA-scandal & stuff I would rephrase or specify “perfect” knowledge. George Orwell’s 1984-like world isn’t going to happen (except people & social standards change drastically in the next 10 years) …

  7. Cam Reply

    These just sound like more ways to control us in the most vulnerable ways. Much harder to be a hermit in a world like this.

  8. gesster Reply

    A.I. is a pipe dream. I’d suggest you read the chinese room thought experiment, and the cornell university paper on the non-computability of consciousness.

    • Slowerthandark Reply

      That may or may not be true, but eventually we’re going to have things that are so
      smart, and good at pretending sentience, that we’ll have real trouble telling the difference.

  9. andythelawyer Reply

    Sounds, all in all, like further lurching towards the societal nightmare predicted in Dave Eggers’ dystopian novel “The Circle.”

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