This New ‘Wingless’ Hydrogen-Powered Jet Could Fly At Supersonic Speeds

The visionary Spanish designer Oscar Viñal has introduced ‘Sky OV,’ a pioneering supersonic hydrogen jet. This groundbreaking aircraft is designed to reach speeds of up to Mach 1.5, effectively doubling the velocity of modern commercial jets, while also accommodating up to 300 passengers.

With an impressive top speed of 1,141 mph (1,837 km/h), the Sky OV has the potential to significantly slash travel durations, potentially completing transatlantic flights such as from London to New York in under five hours, compared to the current eight-hour standard.

The Sky OV’s design exudes a futuristic vibe reminiscent of spacecraft, with a delta formation merging the fuselage and wings into a unified structure. This unique wingless layout not only maximizes cabin space but also bolsters aerodynamic efficiency by reducing drag, thereby improving fuel economy.

Powering this innovative aircraft is a hybrid propulsion system that utilizes both hydrogen fuel and electricity, marking a significant stride towards emissions-free supersonic travel. Unlike traditional turbojets, the Sky OV integrates a hybrid pulse detonation engine (PDE) alongside a turbofan for propulsion, enhancing overall performance. Additionally, the aircraft’s exterior is adorned with quantum solar dots, enabling it to harness solar energy for sustainable power generation.

The aircraft’s advanced features include AI-assisted ailerons for optimized performance. Viñal emphasizes that despite its resemblance to military flying wing designs like the B-2 bomber, the Sky OV boasts a larger middle section, providing ample interior volume.

Moreover, its wingspan, slightly larger than that of a Boeing 747, allows it to operate from existing airport terminals. Viñal asserts that the Sky OV will weigh less, produce fewer emissions, generate less noise, and incur lower operational costs compared to conventional aircraft of similar sophistication.

In addition to its remarkable speed and efficiency, the Sky OV sets a new standard for luxury in air travel. The interior features lavish amenities including bedrooms, suites, bathrooms, and an in-flight chef, catering to passengers’ comfort and indulgence. Individual spacious cabins with window blinds and sliding doors ensure privacy and tranquility during the journey.

Although the Sky OV represents a significant leap forward in aviation technology and luxury travel, its realization is still years away. Nevertheless, Viñal’s visionary concept reimagines supersonic air travel, aiming to surpass the legacy of the Concorde while offering unparalleled style and comfort to passengers.

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