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This New Wheelchair Can Easily Climb And Descend Stairs Thanks To Its Innovative Design

TopChair-S Wheelchair Can Easily Maneuver Stairs 10

Users who have to rely on wheelchairs for moving around usually face a quandary when it comes to a staircase, sharp curb or a doorstep where either they need assistance or the place inevitably becomes inaccessible to them. TopChair-S aims to change that owing to is spectacular design and versatility. It is an electric wheelchair that is capable of safely helping a user maneuver over such hurdles while utilizing tracks similar to caterpillar apart from wheels that have been added for enhanced maneuverability and freedom.

The wheelchair is able to automatically ascertain the start and end of a staircase or other similar obstacle and is capable of tackling steps that have a height of up to 7.9 inches and can do so at a maximum pitch of 35 degrees. It climbs the staircase in reverse and faces forward when it is descending while ensuring that the user remains horizontal.

It features an adjustable joystick along with an LCD screen that can be used for carrying out various functions. Two 60-A/h batteries are used for providing power and on a single charge the chair is capable of covering a distance of about 22-28 miles at a speed of 6mph. The two 400-watt motors are used for driving the tracks while two 35-watt motors are used for powering the wheels.

There are many optional accessories and features available for users that wish to customize the wheelchair as per their personal requirements. These features include chin controls, seat accessories for the purpose of providing support and safety along with an LED lighting kit and options for leg and arm rests.

It can be ordered from the company’s website for a price tag of $16,320, however is unavailable for delivery in the US until it receives approval from FDA that can take about 1-1.5 years. Check out the video for more details

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