This New Walkman By Sony Costs $3700 – Here Is Why You Should Buy It

Sony has released two ultra-high-end Walkman MP3 players specifically for audiophiles. The headliner, the $3,700 NW-WM1ZM2 (pictured at left), mates an S-Master HX digital amp with “fine-tuned” capacitors, thick Kimber Kable (to link the amp to the headphone jack), and a 99.99 percent pure gold-plated, oxygen-free copper chassis — all of which supposedly contribute to “clear, expansive” output. Even the reflow soldering comprises gold that purportedly boosts sound localization and widens the sound stage.

Also, it has a larger five-inch (and finally 720p) display, a larger power supply, and an improved upscaling algorithm for CD-quality (16-bit, 44/48kHz) audio. You’ll get 256GB of expandable storage for your tunes, WiFi streaming, a USB-C port, and 40 hours of battery life when playing 96kHz FLAC audio. The ZM2 supports up to 32-bit, 384kHz audio in formats like MQA and WAV.

There is also a relatively lower-cost model. The $1,400 NW-WM1AM2 offers much of the core functionality of the ZM2, but in an aluminum alloy body with ‘just’ a low-resistance oxygen-free copper cable. You’ll also have to make do with 128GB of expandable space.

Both Walkman models are available now. Both players are mainly aimed at wealthy music fans determined to maximize audio fidelity, even if they might not hear the difference.

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