This New Vertical Farm Company Wants To Reduce Food Wastage By Using Local Produce

The world’s food supply infrastructure is in jeopardy. The coronavirus outbreak is just the latest disaster to show the inefficiencies and unreliability of the existing food distribution system. Contamination frequently occurs, revealing flaws in quality control and product tracking throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, environmental worries regarding the impact of large-scale farming on land, water, and air are creating severe issues.

Alternative food production systems are clearly needed. One is vertical farming, which involves growing crops in stacked layers 24 to 36 inches apart, controlled by artificial lighting and temperature. 

As a result, the nation’s largest operator of traditional supermarkets Kroger Co. will expand its partnership with 80 Acres Farms, adding its vertically-farmed produce. Now, customers can enjoy farm-fresh food thanks to Kroger Co. and 80 Acres Farms. In addition, the companies are expanding their relationship to reach more shoppers, both in-store and online.

“Everyone deserves easy access to fresh, affordable, delicious food,” said Dan De La Rosa, Kroger’s group VP of fresh merchandising.

Kroger stated that the collaboration expands on its “Zero Hunger-Zero Waste” sustainability effort. 80 Acres employs technology that enables it to grow indoors, all year long, without the need of pesticides, while using around 97% less water than a regular farm. 80 Acres grows signature things like leafy greens and tomatoes, but the company has stated that it will ultimately add fruit such as strawberries and more.

“Kroger leads with their commitment to fresh by providing customers access to fresher and more nutritious produce,” said Mike Zelkind, CEO of 80 Acres Farms.

“Consumers are looking for more nutrition from their diet and want to trust that their food is safe and chemical-free and it will last longer in their refrigerators. The 80 Acres Farms brand delivers against all those promises.”

80 Acres Farms now has four locations in Greater Cincinnati. Its most new state farm will support the new Kroger relationship, supplying 10 million fresh produce to Midwest towns. 80 Acres will begin serving 316 Kroger outlets across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky on March 15.

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