McDonald’s Is Replacing Chairs With Exercise Bikes For Customers To Burn Calories While Eating

Even if we know it’s harmful for our body, we can’t resist a saucy lunch from McDonald’s every now and then. However, the Chinese have devised a method to alleviate people’s guilt when indulging in a happy meal for the more health-conscious among you.

McDonald’s has introduced exercise bikes in China, allowing customers to peddle as they munch. A TikTok video depicts a woman and guy joyfully cycling away on stationary cycles while eating their meals.

The video instantly went viral on social media and received over 33 million views and 2.2 million likes. People also went to the comments section to express their interest in the idea.

One user wrote: “This concept is amazing.”

Another said: “I mean, it’s better than nothing.”

But, some have pointed out that you are most likely ingesting more calories than you can burn while eating the meal.

The average Big Mac contains approximately 550 calories, so you may need to pedal for quite some time. However, if you merely bought a plain burger with 250 calories, you might be able to burn it off a little faster.

Under the video, one user wrote: “Bad for your digestive system, lol. Don’t do physical activities while eating; eating needs a relaxed state so it can be digested well by the GI tract.”

Traditional sitting alternatives are available for those who wish to enjoy their meals without feeling burdened by the guilt of not exercising right immediately. Do you know which one you’d pick?

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