This New System Can Convert Solar Energy To Natural Gas


Using solar energy for multiple purposes is becoming increasingly widespread. All over the world, people are utilizing the energy of the sun to power their consumption processes. This technology is being used at every level. Whether it is a huge industry or a house in the suburbs, solar panels are easily identified at the roofs of these buildings or at a wide space beside the buildings. This way of energy conservation is getting more popular by every passing day.

As much economical and efficient is the idea of converting solar energy into electrical and using it throughout the day, matters get complicated when the restraints are put on the systems on the days when the sun is dim. This case can also be seen during the winter or fall days when the sun does not come outside much. For these days and atmosphere, the unique innovation of Underground Sun Conversion System is introduced.

This novel technology stores the solar energy underground and converts it into gas. This gas is then used to power the processes that require energy to function. The patent lies with the RAG Austria company, and it is now being further developed with the help of Swiss organizations and European Union.

The mechanism starts in summers when the sun is at its peak. Solar energy is absorbed and converted to hydrogen through the turbines. Natural sandstone deposits are used to pass carbon dioxide and the hydrogen to create a reaction. Owing to the presence of naturally occurring bacteria, archaea, this carbon dioxide, and hydrogen is converted into methane gas and water. Methane is then pumped up and used as a source of energy.

The company has demonstrated the mechanism multiple times and a success rate of 60 percent is achieved so far. Research is still under process on finding out the appropriate locations for the setups.


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