This New Super-Quiet Leafblower Uses Electric Aircraft Tech

Whisper Aero is a company on a mission to revolutionize electric aviation with propulsion systems that are not only remarkably quieter but also significantly more efficient than anything currently available on the market.

Their technology centers around a unique “propulsion disc” design, featuring small-diameter blades to reduce blade tip speed, a high number of blades for greater thrust at lower RPMs, and a protective shrouding ring for stability. This design is a breakthrough for reducing the deafening noise generated by traditional aviation systems, making it more amenable for passengers and communities living near airports.

The key to Whisper Aero’s noise reduction lies in the high-frequency noise generated by the densely packed blades, pushing the “blade passage frequency” beyond 16,000 Hz, which is beyond the range of human hearing. This technology has far-reaching implications for not only aviation but various applications.

As a demonstration, Whisper Aero created a leaf blower that incorporates this technology. Leaf blowers are notorious for their noisy operation, often causing disturbances in residential areas, particularly in the early hours of the day.

Whisper Aero’s prototype leaf blower achieved impressive results. At 45 decibels at 50 feet, it was notably quieter than competitors, with a reduction of 12 decibels compared to the quietest rival. This substantial reduction in noise levels can make a significant difference in residential neighborhoods, addressing a common source of noise pollution.

Moreover, the Whisper Aero leaf blower outperformed its competitors in terms of air movement, delivering 875 cubic feet of air per minute while consuming just 1,080 watts of power, which was notably less than the 1,148 watts used by the Ryobi blower.

The Whisper Aero leaf blower also proved superior to the Makita blower, which used 1,500 watts but only pushed 634 cubic feet of air per minute and produced a disruptive 61 decibels of noise. This competitive analysis demonstrates the tremendous potential of Whisper Aero’s technology to disrupt traditional product categories and industries.

While the leaf blower showcases the immediate benefits of Whisper Aero’s innovation, the company’s long-term vision is to license its technology to manufacturers in various industries. They are already in discussions with potential partners, and their goal is to have products featuring their groundbreaking technology on the market by 2025.

Whisper Aero’s “propulsion disc” technology has the potential to reshape electric aviation and address the issue of noise pollution, with broader implications across industries. Their success with a quieter and more efficient leaf blower highlights the adaptability of their innovation, promising a future with reduced noise and enhanced efficiency in aviation and other sectors.

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