This New Start-Up Has Modified Trees To Grow Faster And Store More Carbon – And It Works Amazingly Well

We all know how crucial trees are to our existence. From providing oxygen to absorbing carbon dioxide, they are natural air conditioners for our planet Earth. Not only this, they play a huge role in reducing global warming and maintaining the atmosphere of the Earth. Despite acknowledging all of their benefits, a start-up christened “Living Carbon” has come up with some interesting specifications for the trees in order to optimize their functioning and revive the concept.  The company has devised a brand-new technique that will accelerate the growth process of the trees and enable them to store more carbon dioxide as compared to the natural process.

These “poplar trees” have been able to store up to 53% more carbon dioxide than natural trees, as reported by the published white paper. The project has already planted around 600 Living Carbon trees in Oregon and is planning to implement more such trees in the uninhibited areas of Appalachia. The CEO of Living Carbon, Maddie Hall, said, “If we were to double the acreage that we have today up until 2030, we would be able to actually plant enough trees to remove 1.66% of global emissions in 2021. That is very significant. That’s the emissions of millions of people. “

One of the standout features of this project is that the company is looking forward to working with the landowners of extensive areas in order to give them these trees either free or at a cost. The most interesting thing to note is that revenue will be generated by the company from the carbon points that will be taken from those trees, and in turn, the company will provide landowners with a share of that revenue. In this way, they will not only make money by producing further such trees but also harmonize the environment and make it sustainable.

Hall stated, “We’ll cover the site prep costs. We will help restore this land that you otherwise might not have had economic incentive to want to restore.” The project will work on enhancing the process of photosynthesis with the main goal of achieving maximum carbon-storing capacity. The idea is really promising and the company is also currently engaged in a process known as “genetic modifications” for the trees which will primarily focus on the wood to make it, even more, stronger and resistant to fungus. This will ultimately further enhance the carbon-storing capacity of the trees. Living Carbon is certainly doing an outstanding job amid the environmental threats to our planet.

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