This New Solar-Powered Luxury Boat Is Inspired By Ancient Roman Culture

An incredible technological innovation with a touch of history has brought to light the concept of a yacht-like luxurious boat inspired by Roman culture. This trimaran, named “Domus,” is a result of a partnership with “Rob Doyle Design” and is designed in a way that will give you the experience of traveling on a superyacht. “Domus” is a Roman word meaning “home,” and it was named this way to demonstrate its honor and historical grandiose. The design was stimulated by the urge to assemble something grand and monumental. The engineers think that the design of this luxurious boat based on this perception will create an image of esteem and splendor in the minds of people, and the project will ultimately land in the lap of luxury.

Van Geest's Domus Is a Solar Trimaran Inspired by Ancient Roman Homes –  Robb Report

So, coming towards its specifications, the whole framework of this “Domus” would lie on an area of 8,500 square feet. There are six guest cabins vast enough to accommodate a large number of people with extravagant conveniences. Moreover, the whole boat is divided into two separate decks, each having two separate suites of the owner with attached lounges. What more can anyone want? To experience the comfort of home and relish the taste of the wild concurrently while sailing on an ocean. There is nothing you can’t do on this luxurious boat, from refreshing yourself in a spa to gaining fitness in the gym, from relaxing yourself in a cinema to enjoying different drinks at the bar. It’s like living a dream life.

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Significantly, this Domus is designed by taking the concept of “sustainable development” in mind. According to Van Geest, “This Domus will be the first truly zero-emission yacht over 750 gross tons.” It will combine solar power, hydro-regeneration, and hydrogen fuel cell technology to achieve that feat. On paper, it will generate an excess of solar energy during the day, which can be used to keep it running at night”.

If we talk about maneuverability, then this luxurious boat is designed to bend at a specific angle of two degrees to achieve efficiency during sailing, rolling, and moving at higher speeds. It also helps in reducing drag. Van Geest said, “Just because superyachts are what they are now, does not mean they should stay this way. We truly believe that this project will redefine what a multi-hull sailing superyacht can be.” Above all, this concept is definitely going to be a breakthrough in the world of luxury and sustainability.

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