This New Smart Riot Gun Refuses To Fire If Aimed At Someone’s Head

FN Herstal, a renowned firearms manufacturer, has taken a significant step in addressing the challenges of handling civil disturbances by introducing a groundbreaking non-lethal firearm. This innovative weapon, known as the FN Herstal Smart ProtectoR-303T, not only fires less-than-lethal elastomer projectiles but also incorporates a digital smart sight that possesses the remarkable ability to recognize human heads and prevent firing at them.

Handling civil unrest presents a unique challenge, as the weaponry used must effectively deter violence while minimizing the risk of serious injury. Traditional non-lethal arms, such as rubber bullets and baton rounds, often struggle to achieve this delicate balance. These projectiles can incapacitate or deter individuals when aimed at their chests, but a headshot with such ammunition can prove fatal. FN Herstal has stepped up to address this challenge.

The FN Herstal Smart ProtectoR-303T, set to be unveiled at the MILIPOL Paris 2023 trade show, is designed to combat this issue. It uses 12.55mm FN SP caliber cartridges loaded with elastomer rounds, which are effective at a range of 5 to 25 meters using compressed air. The weapon is specifically crafted for law enforcement agencies dealing with crowd control, social disturbances, riots, routine patrols, and public safety during large events. These projectiles are engineered to break upon impact, preventing penetration, and providing an effective deterrent beyond the reach of hand-thrown objects.

The key innovation lies in the electro-optical sights equipped with an onboard camera and imaging software. These smart sights can detect, in real-time, whether the gun is aimed at a human head. If such a situation arises, the system issues a visual and audible warning, effectively locking the trigger mechanism.

Moreover, the camera records images during firing, which can later be used for reviews or as evidence in court cases. This advanced sight can also be utilized for pre-mission training, helping law enforcement personnel develop their weapon skills with the assistance of a dedicated app and a projector display.

Source: FN Herstal

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