This New Smart Door Is Smarter Than Any Door You’ve Seen Before

Masonite, a door manufacturer, will exhibit the first residential smart door at CES 2022, showing the house building industry’s shift toward adopting linked technologies. The concept was unveiled earlier in 2021, but most people will get their first chance to witness it in action at CES.

The M-Pwr Smart Door, a collaboration between Masonite, Ring, and Yale, is the first residential exterior door to combine power, lighting, sensors, a video doorbell, and a smart lock into the door system.

The door, a luxury fiberglass type available in several shapes, colors, and finishes must be properly installed and is linked to the home’s electrical system and Wi-Fi network. The integrated electricity solution eliminates homeowners’ major obstacles when selling their houses.

A Ring Video Doorbell, a Yale Assure smart lock with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth powered PIR motion sensor, a door state sensor that uses the sensor array from the doorbell to determine whether the door is open or closed, and motion-activated LED lighting embedded in the door’s threshold are all included in this wooden frame’s technology.

In addition, the door includes its smart hub on the inside to ease connections and a built-in backup battery to keep everything functioning for up to 24 hours. Except for the power cords, all components are upgradeable, so you won’t have to replace your complete door if you want to take advantage of the latest Ring feature.

“Components are homeowner replaceable,” said Cory Sorice, SVP and chief innovation officer of Masonite International.

“The door will last decades, but the tech won’t — so it’s designed to make upgrades over time.” Sorice also said there are plans to partner with more companies for the components, offering more smart home ecosystem options.

“In the future, if you want a Google Nest door, you can have it,” he added.

Sorice, a former Chamberlain Group head of innovation, has extensive experience with powered doors and smart home innovation. “Through that process, I was able to realize how difficult having a Wi-Fi-connected, battery-powered device is,” Sorice explains.

Building a smart residential door proved more difficult than anticipated, particularly the power management and networking module that serves as the concept’s foundation.   “It took a year and a half to design the cable system and cable management process, as well as assemble all the components,” Sorice explains.

Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors are currently only available for new home construction, with Barringer Homes installing the first models in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. This year, Sorice believes that more construction partners will be announced. In addition, the builder will determine the cost of new house construction.


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