This New Game Streaming Box By Alienware Can Run Four Sessions At Once

Alienware’s new Concept Nyx game-streaming device would supply all the necessary horsepower for four concurrent gaming sessions on any screen in the house. This has brought features like the simple switching between different screens.

Services like Google Stadia, GeForce Now, Parsec, and others tell gamers to forget about hardware; it can live in the cloud. If you’ve got a quick enough internet connection, you can send your control inputs to a juiced-up game server online and have a high-res stream of your game come back in near-to real-time.

Alienware has brought a new perspective on the idea. Its new Concept Nyx idea proposes sticking a game-streaming server right there in your home, turning any screen into a high-end, low-latency gaming machine.

Concept Nyx would give up to four players concurrent access to the whole family's game library

The concept is currently prototyped and in the process of testing. It would let four users run simultaneous sessions using hand-held controllers, streaming vision, and audio out to any device – laptops, TVs, desktops, tablets, phones – that can install the app. get caught looking like a pervert when a romance scene is coming in hot.

“Because the processing happens locally (versus needing to travel to and from distant servers), it could offer lower latency, greater bandwidth, and more responsiveness,” reads an Alienware blog, “ultimately solving some of the performance shortfalls of current alternatives like cloud gaming. This means multiplayer latency could reach single-digit milliseconds to dramatically decrease any lag of modern-day cloud gaming systems. Pretty cool, huh?”

Alienware wants to take game streaming out of the cloud and into a local hardware box

Its price is expected to be very high as it will have elusive high-end graphics cards so much valued by crypto-miners and scalpers. While Alienware pitches it as “the future of gaming,” this is at present just a concept and an R&D project. If it gets in the market, it will need to be upgraded eventually too.

There are certainly households right now were four people want to play games at once, and gaming certainly isn’t getting any less popular in the foreseeable future. Perhaps there’s a market for this sort of device.

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