This New Site Allows You To Simulate An Asteroid Hitting Your Hometown

Asteroid Launcher is a new fun site by developer Neal Agarwal, who has been making weird and funny mini-sites for a long time. This website, as the name implies, allows you to simulate an asteroid impact anywhere on Earth. Yes, it’s similar to simulating a nuclear strike, except with an asteroid.

Select the projectile’s size, speed, impact angle, and whether it is made of gold, iron, stone, or carbon. You can even launch a comet, primarily composed of ice and dust. If these terrifying size comparisons and doomsday asteroid simulations aren’t enough for you, you may get even more involved.

For instance, after deciding on a location anyplace on Earth and dropping asteroids of various sizes and types, it reveals how many people would be cruelly slain and how they would die.

So not only will individuals in the impact zone be entirely destroyed, but so will everything else that follows after that, such as the gigantic ensuing firestorm, the destructive shockwave, winds reaching several thousand miles per hour, and the resulting earthquakes. All the horrific yet intriguing details and the resulting deaths are neatly set out for you to take in.

If you enjoy watching the devastation caused by a massive space rock landing on Monte Carlo, Disney World, or downtown Chicago, Agarwal has a few other fun browser-based tools and games, such as Ten Years Ago, Baby Map, The Auction Game, and lots more.

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