This New Shiny And Affordable Electric Scooter Has A Futuristic Liquid-Metal Style

Vietnam’s Bandit9 has revealed a new two-wheeler that was dropped into the e-scooter pond and it is something next level. Part urban mobility solution and part fashion statement, the shiny, stainless steel Nano e-scooter looks like a prop from a sci-fi movie set in outer space!

Bandit9 has always come up with awe-inspiring designs. In 2016, they gave us a limited edition custom motorbike from the Saigon-based builder that would perfectly go with an X-wing fighter, and last year it rolled out an enthralling two-wheeler called the Supermarine that looks like a ride for Batman.

To step into e-scooters, Bandit9’s designers are targeting style enthusiasts to move in style while in their towns as well. The company’s website states, “Vespa has gone uncontested for decades. There simply is no other choice; they’re beautiful, classic, and affordable. We love, fear, and admire them. And now we’re going to fight them.”

The Nano might look like it’s bringing an upside-down high heel to this gunfight, but with a 904L stainless steel fairing polished to shiny silver, it will give an amazing image. Inside, it has a 4.2-kWh removable battery that can be recharged in four hours of plug-in time, sending power to a 4-kW electric motor built into the rear hub.

On the base model, this allows for a 45-km/h (27 mph) top speed and range of 60 miles (96 km), while the pricier Nano+ can scoot along at up to 70 km/h (43 mph) and offers the same range. The two versions of the Nano tip the scales at 120 kg (264 lb), very similar to the 125-kg (276-lb) Ola S1 being rolled out in India.

Bandit9 is taking preorders with the Nano priced at US$4,499 (€4,499) and the Nano+ priced at US$4,990 (€4,499), though it is yet to publicly outline a shipping date.

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