This New Screen-Free Smartphone Can Project A Green Laser On To Your Hand

Humane’s AI Pin is set to disrupt the smartphone landscape with its innovative screen-free design and unique features. Priced at $699 with a $24 per-month subscription, the square-shaped wearable device measures two inches by two inches, distinguishing itself as a screenless smartphone alternative.

Leaked documents obtained by The Verge reveal that the AI Pin functions as a wearable smartphone, equipped with batteries that can be easily swapped out. The $699 package includes the device, a charger, and two battery boosters, offering users a comprehensive experience out of the box.

The $24 per-month subscription adds value by providing a phone number, cell data, cloud storage, and unlimited interaction with the Pin’s AI models. Running on T-Mobile’s network, the device ensures seamless connectivity and communication.

Humane’s founders, former Apple designers Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, aim to challenge conventional smartphone use and tech addiction. With almost half of the team comprised of ex-Apple employees, the AI Pin leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 for advanced chat-based artificial intelligence, fostering user interaction through voice control.

The device boasts an array of features, including translation services, music streaming, email inbox summaries, and the ability to generate messages in the user’s voice. Humane envisions the Pin as an AI assistant that resides on the user’s chest, engaging in human-like conversations through its built-in speakers.

Equipped with motion sensors and a camera, the Pin captures its surroundings, allowing the AI to provide contextually relevant information. The privacy-conscious design ensures that the device only activates when manually prompted, with a “Trust Light” indicating when the camera, mic, or sensors are in use.

An intriguing aspect of the AI Pin is its ability to communicate by projecting a green laser onto the user’s hand. Although the April demo showcased simple imagery resembling a call screen, this feature adds a futuristic touch to the device.

With its luxury appeal and a potential market price of up to $1,000, Humane’s AI Pin represents a bold step toward reshaping our interaction with technology, offering a glimpse into a future where smart devices prioritize user well-being and privacy.

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