This New Racing Series Will See Futuristic Hydrofoiling Speedboats Competing

The E1 series is going to be an interesting watch.

The new “Racebird” powerboat design has made its first appearance in a concept video, and with its first look revealed, it would be hard to wait for these all-electric boats hitting the water racetracks due in 2023.

These highspeed all-electric water boats will use hydrofoiling to minimize the water drag, in order to optimize the performance coming from their powertrain. The hydrofoil helps in lifting the hull of the boat from the water surface so that it gains more speed, and that is exactly what these E1 series race boats would come equipped with.

Looking at the increase in audience for the Formula E races on the ground, we have seen a growth of about 24 percent for each year, and the stats show that these all-electric race series attract more youngsters. There is an increase in the interest in competitive electric racing, attracting more viewers than ever before as the Extreme E electric off-road series drew 18.7 million viewers in its first race.

Now, the E1 series is looking to take their race series offshore, as an all-electric version of the F1H20 powerboat racing series, the good news is that it is already sanctioned by the international powerboat racing authority, the UIM.

Racing on the water is a lot different from racing on the ground. It is not all about the power that is being generated to gain more speeds, one of the key factors that make a significant difference to race on the water surface is the “Drag.” To cater to this, the E1 team made use of hydrofoiling, to minimize the drag and to make full use of the power that electric motors would be producing for these electric speedboats.

These speedboats are designed as a result of the combined efforts of Seabird Technologies and Victory Marine and would come with full carbon bodies. The wings of the boat are foldable to form the front hydrofoils whereas the extended wing tail converts into the rear foil. A prototype is expected to release later this year and the production of the speedboats would commence in 2022. Watch the short video below to have a first look at the future of electric speedboats that are set to cruise the waters in 2023.

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