This New Phone By Honor Can Be Controlled Using Your Eyes

Honor, a big smartphone company from China, showed off its newest phone, the Magic 6 Pro, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This phone has a cool feature called eye-tracking which works with artificial intelligence and the phone’s front cameras.

With this feature, users can control the phone just by moving their eyes. For example, they can make the phone do things like start the engine of a virtual car or make it stop, go backward, or forward, all by looking at different commands on the screen.

Even though we don’t know if this eye-tracking will work with real cars yet, Honor wants to prove it’s at the forefront of smartphone technology. After Huawei sold Honor in 2020 to avoid problems with US sanctions, the brand has been trying hard to make its mark in the fancy smartphone market.

They’ve even tried making foldable phones. Even though they’re popular in China, they know they need to become famous worldwide. That’s why they’re adding cool features like eye-tracking to their phones.

So, Honor’s showing of eye-tracking at the Mobile World Congress is a big deal. It shows they’re serious about staying ahead in the smartphone race. They know they need to stand out, especially after separating from Huawei. Adding features like eye-tracking is their way of saying, “Hey, look at us! We’re bringing the future to your fingertips!”

Beyond eye-tracking, the Magic 6 Pro also introduces the ability to launch applications simply by looking at notifications, enhancing user convenience and experience. Furthermore, Honor unveiled a concept chatbot built on Meta’s Llama2, a sophisticated large language model enabling developers to create advanced AI applications. In a demonstration, the chatbot showcased its capabilities by providing personalized recommendations for activities in Barcelona and even composing a bespoke poem centered around the Mobile World Congress.

At the big tech show called Mobile World Congress, Honor, a company that makes smartphones, showed off some cool new stuff. They revealed how their phones can track your eyes and do things with artificial intelligence, which is like a smart computer brain. This shows that Honor is really serious about making their phones better for people.

With so many smartphone companies competing for people’s attention, it’s important to have unique features. Things like eye-tracking and smart AI make a big difference. Honor knows this, and they’re focusing on these kinds of features to stand out. They want to show that they’re not just another phone company—they’re pushing the boundaries of what phones can do.

Honor’s focus on these cool features isn’t just about showing off. It’s about making phones that people really want. In a crowded market, having cutting-edge technology sets them apart. This helps them compete with other big names in smartphones. And for people who love having the latest gadgets and the best experiences, Honor’s phones might be just what they’re looking for.

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