This New Phone By Avenir Comes With A 28,000 mAh Battery

In the world of ever developing tech and weird gadgets, Avenir Telecom has introduced the Energizer Hard Case P28K, a smartphone encased within an unbelievable and extraordinary 28,000mAh battery.

This amazing piece of tech not only shows an amazing and huge amount of battery but opens up a whole new world of possibilities of smartphones that will have substantial amounts of battery capacities that won’t require frequent and repeated charges. This unveiling signal a notable milestone in the smartphone industry, where battery life has long been a crucial concern for users.

The Hard Case P28K, like its predecessor, will be marketed under the Energizer brand, which Avenir Telecom licenses from the battery manufacturer. With claims of delivering a week’s worth of regular usage on a single charge, this device targets consumers who prioritize long-lasting battery life, especially in situations where access to charging points is limited. This endurance is further accentuated by its rugged IP69 rating, making it suitable for off-the-grid adventures where durability is paramount.

Despite its impressive battery performance, the Hard Case P28K does have its drawbacks, notably its considerable size and weight. At 27.8mm thick and weighing 570g, it is over three times thicker and heavier than the sleek iPhone 15. This bulkiness may deter users seeking a more compact and lightweight device. However, Avenir Telecom compensates for this by incorporating fast charging technology, boasting the capability to fully charge the device in under an hour and a half using the provided 36W charger, alleviating concerns about lengthy recharging times.

The Hard Case P28K doesn’t have the latest fancy features. It doesn’t support 5G and has a simple MediaTek MT6789 processor. But all that aside It still has 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, three rear cameras, Android 14, and a big 6.78-inch 1080p LCD screen which makes it a pretty good for everyday use for an average phone user.

It costs €249.99, which is quite affordable considering its long-lasting battery. But there’s a catch—it won’t be sold in the US. Avenir Telecom is focusing on selling it globally, especially in places where there’s not always easy access to charging spots.

Despite not having all the latest tech stuff, the Hard Case P28K shows that Avenir Telecom is trying to come up with new ideas. It’s all about making a phone that lasts a really long time, and it’s built tough to handle rough situations.

So, if you’re someone who needs a phone that won’t die on you quickly, even if you’re out and about a lot, the Hard Case P28K might be worth checking out.

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