This New Packable Exoskeleton Can Greatly Boost Your Outdoor Activities


Hypershell offers a unique solution for enhancing performance on mountains and trails, unlike traditional sports drinks and energy goos. The Shanghai startup has developed a series of exoskeletons that unleash the power of a horse into the legs of adventurers, enabling them to explore further, run faster, climb higher, and enjoy more of the great outdoors.

The company’s goal is to free exoskeleton technology from its traditional workplace and battlefield settings and introduce it to the wider world.

Hypershell’s Omega exoskeleton platform is designed to act as a human power bank, preventing fatigue and allowing users to venture further without getting tired.

Unlike other bulky exoskeletons, the 4.4-lb (2-kg) Omega is designed for portability, with a compact 6.5-L form that can be easily carried in a backpack or attached to it. This allows users to wear the exoskeleton for the entire journey or pack it away and use it only for challenging parts of the trip.

With Hypershell’s exoskeletons, even an average Joe can transform into an intrepid explorer.

For multi-day backpacking trips, an exoskeleton like Hypershell’s Omega could be incredibly useful. However, the limited range of the exoskeleton’s battery packs could pose a problem.

To counter this issue, Hypershell has integrated two hot-swappable lithium battery packs into the sides of the aluminum-magnesium chassis. Users can carry additional batteries and swap them out as needed but will have to be prepared to carry an extra 14 oz (400 g) per battery pair.

Hypershell envisions its exoskeleton being used not just by hikers and backpackers but also by mountain climbers, cyclists, and trail runners. Outdoor professionals such as photographers and search and rescue crews could also benefit from this technology.

The Hypershell Omega could even be useful for activities in urban areas such as walking city streets or visiting theme parks.

Currently, Hypershell is seeking to launch production and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. They are offering three exoskeleton models based on the same Omega platform.

The base model, Hypershell Go, has a smaller 400W motor for a top speed of 7.5 mph (12 km/h), starting at a pledge level of HK$2,339 (approx. US$299).

The standard Pro model, with the specifications described above, starts at HK$3,129 (US$399), while the Carbon model, weighing only 4 lbs (1.8 kg), jumps up to HK$6,189 (US$790).

If all goes according to plan, deliveries will begin in September.


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