This Congressman Claims The US Government Has “Reverse-Engineered” Alien Tech From UFOS

Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett recently claimed that the US government could be reverse-engineering recovered UFO technology.

According to Burchett, the US may have obtained a craft and beings, but the government does not understand how the technology operates. Burchett also predicted an increase in UFO sightings, although he did not elaborate on his statement.

Despite Burchett’s lack of evidence to support his claims, he has a history of suggesting that the US government knows about extraterrestrial life. After the House Intelligence Subcommittee held hearings on UFOs last May, Burchett claimed that the government’s “cover-up continues.” During the hearing, Burchett noted that he received messages from people worldwide who were interested in the topic.

Last month, Burchett appeared on Matt Gaetz’s podcast and talked about his belief in alien technology. He stated that several people “in the know” had informed him about multiple crashed crafts that the government could not operate.

However, White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby reassured the public that there was no need to worry about aliens. On the other hand, Burchett suggested that one of the unidentified objects shot down off the coast of Alaska earlier this year may have belonged to China instead of extraterrestrials. Burchett’s outlandish remarks in the past have raised questions about whether he is trying to score political points or uncover the truth.

It appears that the belief in UFOs and extraterrestrial technologies is becoming more prevalent. Nevertheless, without solid evidence, it is difficult to verify such claims. Despite Burchett’s statements, the mystery surrounding the possibility of extraterrestrial life persists.

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