This New Motorcycle Is Actually Powered By Eight Jet Engines

Aviation has come a long way from the beginning with a very basic airplane design to developing the most sophisticated aircraft. With each passing day, we are witnessing magnanimous changes in the aerodynamic parameters along with the structural considerations of the airframe, which we had never imagined before. In a recent thrilling discovery, a start-up-based company, Jet Pack Aviation, has made headlines by finally revealing an incredible prototype of its state-of-the-art “P2 Speeder” flying motorcycle. This is actually a third prototype launched by Mayman Aerospace, which is a small division of Jet Pack Aviation.

The company has achieved a milestone by introducing the most anticipated design into the market. This brand-new prototype consists of eight jet engines, which would be more than enough to provide the required thrust. The vehicle is also known as an “Air Utility Vehicle (AUV)” for its anticipated role. For the general public, it’s the most exciting news as they have been waiting for quite a few years to see the vague concept become a reality.

However, according to the company, the final design of the aircraft would be able to lift a whopping 1,000 pounds, cover a distance of 400 miles, and attain a speed of about 500 mph, which means it will fly four times faster than that of a Cessna aircraft, which cruises at a speed of 120 mph. This is going to be a breakthrough not only for aviation enthusiasts but will also provide an opportunity for investment on a large scale.

To that end, the company is trying to get approval for this aircraft from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and it might get approved after passing all the requirements for safety standards and structural considerations. Moreover, the company will perform the preliminary tests of the flight by controlling it remotely at the end of this year. The primary investor, Tim Draper, said in a statement, “The Speeder AUV is a total game-changer.” It is one of the most exciting, industry-disrupting technologies we’ve seen and we were thrilled to provide this platform for its first public unveiling.”

The prototype is designed effectively by keeping safety considerations in mind. In a recent statement issued, the company said that there are already safe backup systems installed in the AUV which would ensure a smooth flight throughout the journey. Also, the jet engines are so powerful that if any one of them fails during the flight, then the remaining ones will have enough thrust to continue the flight.

Besides recreational flying, the practical applications of the Speeder, according to the website, lie in “firefighting and medical evacuation efforts”.

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