This New Modular Carbon Fibre E-Quadricycle Can Be Adapted To Different Payloads


Are you ready for a change? An Italian-based company, SUM Solutions, has designed a power-assisted four-wheeled cargo bike called SUM-X, characterised by remarkable driving stability and optimal weight distribution on the rear load.  

SUM-X is speci?cally designed for last-mile green logistics. It optimizes the travel time while improving the delivery/shipping time, guaranteeing load capacity and zero environmental impact. It offers essential benefits in terms of environmental sustainability and savings on maintenance and management costs.

Italian-built quadricycle comprises two main sections. First, the front end of the carbon fibres includes the seat, handlebars, crankset, drivetrain, battery, engine motor, and front wheels. The four-wheeled cargo bike is front-wheel drive.  

The front end is connected to the back end. It is a flatbed cargo unit with short, medium or long modes. For cargoes to be kept cool, customers can select an enclosed cargo box with an overall footprint that meets the size of the bed.

In addition, the bike also includes hydraulic disc brakes, LED head and tail lights, front and rear suspension (coil spring in front, leaf spring in back). However, the roof and windshield are optional.

The whole thing reportedly tips the scales at 46 kg (101 lb), although it isn’t clear which rear end that figure includes. In any case, it can carry a maximum load of 300 kg (661 lb), with one 5-hour charge of its lithium battery claimed to be good for a motor-assisted range of 60 km (37 miles).

SUM-X is said to be 46 kg in weight (101 lb). It has a maximum load capacity of 300 kg (661 lb), and a 5-hour charge of its lithium battery is touted to give it a motor-assisted range of 60 kilometres (37 miles).

The SUM-X is demonstrated in the video below, where it is being tested as part of a project to give wheelchair users urban mobility.

For a price, clients must contact the company.

Source: SUM Solutions


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