This New Handgun Can Be Concealed To Look Like A Smartphone


Whenever you have to go through a metal detector in a building, what do you do? You take your smartphone. Keys and wallet out, place it in a dish and then proceed to go through the detector. If it is a high-security area, you are required to be body-searched as well, but the items on the dish are largely ignored, and people see what they want to see. This new handgun from Ideal Conceal manufacturer metamorphs into something resembling a cellphone. It shoots 2.38 calibre rounds and has various mechanisms of safety as well.

When altered into the smartphone position, it looks something like this:

gun conceals as smartphone

A good design the point is that when it is in the concealed position, the trigger is guarded by the locked grip. The whole metamorphic mechanism is harmless as well. The phone looks so real that the only way to find out it’s not an actual phone is to try and open it. The worrying factor for many is that this kind of concealed weapon can be used to carry out criminal activities. Certainly, it would be easier to get inside a crowded building now that a design of this sort is floating in the market. Ideal Conceal needs to comply with gun laws to ensure that no such people get their hands on guns like these. The gun will be ready for production by the mid of 2016, and the price is touted to be 395$ which is comparable to small pistol models.



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  1. “Ideal Conceal needs to comply with gun laws to ensure that no such people get their hands on guns like these.”

    Well, that’s certainly a contender for winning Stupid Statement of the Week, although it’s only Thursday, so there’s still a chance for someone to come up with something even more asinine before midnight Saturday….

    Manufacturers are not responsible for ensuring compliance with firearm purchase/ownership laws: that’s the responsibility of the seller, along with (as appropriate) local, state, and federal law enforcement. To purchase one of thse legally, the buyer will still have to go through the same background check and vetting process he or she would if the were buying a Smith and Wesson revolver or a Glock semi-automatic.