Here Are 8 Weird Watches That Are Extremely Expensive And Rare

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Timepieces have been symbolizing exquisite design engineering for centuries. The Rolexes, the TagHeurs and the Tissots all have produced marvelous timepieces over the years. The level of skill and delicate touch required to manufacture such minute parts capable of unique movements is simply amazing to see. Here are some timeless designs that will amaze your aesthetic engineering sense:

1. Christophe Claret- XTrem1

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This watch has literally no dials and full of assembly at the front. Then how do we see the time? It has a retrograde display that shows minutes and hours using levitating metallic balls. The levitation is carried out with the help of magnetism, and a Tourbillon displays the seconds. It is simply one of the most innovative watches one ever gets to see! The main obstacle is to include magnetism at points so close to the mechanical assembly. It’s priced at 300,000 $ per piece.

2. HYT-1

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It is meant for “liquid” timekeeping. Just like XTrem1 used magnetism to display the time, this timepiece uses Fluid Mechanics to achieve that. For this watch alone, the company has seven patents filed, and this shows the uniqueness of the piece. The watch uses circular liquid filled chamber to circumvent the dial. Two bellows control the fluid flow, and energy is built up by a mechanical movement source. They look incredible too. The turning water turbine that shows seconds is also something right from the world of science fiction due to its absurd creativity. It is very pleasing to look at, especially for mechanical engineers I guess! It costs 45,000 $ to get your hands on this masterpiece.

3. Devon Tread-1

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This timepiece uses rubber and belt assemblies to control the dials of time. It was a brainchild of Industrial Engineer Scott Devon and uses stepper motors to control the assemblies. A quartz regulation controls the time and depicts it accurately. You can see the intricate assemblies and their belts ticking over to your satisfaction, unlike a static watch with an LCD. The watch is a little loud at times with its mechanical movements but at 15,000$, it is worth every cent.

4. Thomas Prescher- Double Axis Tourbillon

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This unreal timepiece from Thomas Prescher is the real deal as you instantly see its hollow inside and ask the question where is watch movement at all? In fact, all of the dial movement is built around the bezel of the central void. There is a single double-axis tourbillon that is being helped with a SINGLE rod. The hours and minutes are at the top with a 3D moon in the center. All of this gives a sophisticated, unique look to the timepiece and the calendar itself can be found at the bottom of the watch and can be viewed from any angle. But, be prepared that such singular piece of engineering comes with a hefty price. It is reportedly valued at half a million dollars!

5.  rvnDSGN – Titanium 3D Printed Watch

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The Titanium-built rvnDSGN is the cheapest watch listed here and realistically speaking, the only watch I will be able to afford in my lifetime. Shapeways, the company behind this timepiece, is one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the world, and this watch is a testament to their prowess in the emerging field. The rvnDSGN even had a Kickstarter campaign to its name and is now available at retail. It incorporates ETA Quartz Movement in it. 

6. Urwerk – Experiment ZRo12

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This experimental watch is from Urwerk is from Max Busser and Felix Baumgartner, who are the leaders of modern horology. The entire design is based on the Wankel Engine that consists of a rotary curved triangle which functions in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Polygons in the engine show time with the hour in front of the dial and minutes on the relatively smaller upper rotor.

7. Romain Jerome – Moon Dust

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The dial appears to come out straight from a science fiction movie. The aspect that sets it apart from the rest of the watches is the exquisite design and styling of the dial that are truly out of this world. It has a full moon surface with half-buried cogs, skeletons and a unique tourbillon that will blow your mind. Also, the watch contains actually certified moon dust taken from lunar space missions, and now that is something. Now you will have a bit of moon wherever you go! The detailed design is highlighted once we zoom in the picture a bit. It is indeed a very beautiful watch and probably not for everyone!

8. Concord C1 – Quantum Gravity Tourbillon

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This gravity-defying watch is the last in our list of timeless watch designs. The inner mechanisms are quite ordinary, but it does raise the bar on the outside with its two-axis tourbillon, green energy bar and strange speaker like hubs on the side of the watch. The fluorescent nano liquid is the battery of the watch and might not be used in actual watches for the next century at least. As for the visible cables and spokes , well, they’re just for show really! The watch costs around 360,000 $ a piece and a little pricey for just the fancy exteriors don’t know ou think?

I personally liked the Devon Tread – 1 and its belt assemblies used to drive the watch mechanisms. Which one did you like?

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    I personally like the concord C1-quantum gravity tourbillion. very unique looks cool too.

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