This New Gadget Produces Green Energy From Cow Farts

cow methane backpack

Well, we all get windy from time to time. It incurs the wrath of the people around us, makes us an outcast and does make it a little smelly as it is rich in Methane and other acrid smelling gases. Wait till the wind-sensitive people take a look at this. These cows are slowly becoming biofuel generators as they keep passing the wind and generating lots of bio gas. How did this happen as the cows cannot be incarcerated in one place just to get methane out of them from time to time and where could this possibly happen? Do we have a consensus on New Zealand? Yes, but this project was made in Argentina, another big home of cows. The Argentine researchers have installed a portable methane gas pack on each of these cows.

cow methane backpack3

The backpacks are installed at the side of each cow, and a tube is inserted into the backside of the cow. The gas slowly fills up in the sack connected to the device. But, the wind is not only made up of methane, so methane is filtered out of the lot and compressed for use as biogas. Methane is a greenhouse gas and its presence in the atmosphere causes global warming. However, the poor cows aren’t a primary source of methane but it is of no use to us in the atmosphere at all.

cow methane backpack2

So, these methane boxes are being used for storing methane from cow wind but there are several ethical and scientific problems in the way of this technology’s perfection. Many argue whether the cow should be undergoing the pain of having a tube stuck into its rectum. Also, the cow has to wear a backpack for most of the day, and its movement is affected by this burden. You wouldn’t want it, would you? Well, at least they are putting their wind production to better use!


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