This Tweeting Pothole Sends Repair Request to Authorities

potholes tweeting device

Potholes have been the scourge of many metropolises around the world. Even in the more recently developed ones, rain and snow leave many of the smaller roads full of potholes. These bumps damage our cars more than anything else, and we are always screaming to authorities to repair the roads. But, how do we convey the message to the authorities?

potholes tweeting device3

This Panama new agency Ogilvy and Mather created this amazing Tweeting pothole device that tweets to the authorities whenever a car hits such an obstruction. In this way, the concerns of motorists are directly conveyed to the city administration. The potholes have a tracking device that points to a particular pothole on the map. So, if a lot of vehicles have to go through a particular pothole, its intensity will show, and this will mean that this pothole has a priority on repair. Gradually all potholes can be repaired with the help of this as pubic pressure will also increase as information about the potholes is public and everything. The Panama City in which this system was introduced soon saw a lot of potholes repaired, making lives of drivers much easier.

potholes tweeting device1

I wonder if the tweets could include the choicest swear words the drivers use when their vehicles accidentally hit a pothole. Would it help the cause, or infuriate them?

Have a look the fantastic concept in this video:


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