This New Folding E-Bike Can Travel 150 Miles In One Charge

In today’s world of soaring petroleum prices, Hong Kong’s Zectron Bikes has launched a sleek-looking electric folding bike with an integrated 417.6-Wh battery with a range of 70 miles (120 km) on pedal-assist riding and about 35 miles (60 km) on throttle only. There is a second removable battery under the seat, which bumps up the capacity to 835-Wh for a per-charge ride of up to 150 miles (250 km) or 70 miles (120 km) of throttling. The second battery also hosts a USB charging port. The bicycle has a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph) in the US or 16 mph (25 kph) in the EU. You can use a mobile application to track the bike and remotely lock and unlock it.

The Zectron folding bike measures 59 x 26 x 42 in (150 x 65 x 106 cm) unfolded and folded in two easy steps to 33 x 25 x 31 in (85 x 65 x 80 cm). It weighs in at 55 lb (25 kg) and can withstand a maximum load of 265 lb (120 kg).

The frame for the Zectron folding bike is made using an “aerospace-grade” magnesium alloy with an adjustable seat post. It has a swingarm oil suspension below for smoothing the bumps along the way and 20-inch six-spoke aluminum alloy rims with 2.125-inch-wide tires. The brakes are hydraulic in the back and front to provide ample stopping power.

Aside from the key features, there is a 3.9-inch LCD integrated into the handlebar for speed and other data. The Indiegogo campaign has already surpassed its funding goal. The perk levels start at $899, which shaves 55% off the retail price and includes the optional second battery pack for $279. If everything goes according to plan, shipping is estimated to start in April 2023.

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