This AI Tweet Generator Can Be Taught To Tweet Just Like You Do – Here Is How

Twitter is one of the most crowded internet spaces that exist. Each minute, thousands of tweets are published on the platform. It is not surprising to assume that maybe at some point, people will not be able to come up with new things to say. This can be solved by introducing AI to the game.

Tweet Hunter’s AI Tweet Generator is a free tool that analyzes your tweets, then attempts to generate a couple of new posts that seem like an emulation of what you’d write. Twitter users are sharing the AI’s best attempts at imitating them.

Once you go to the website, type your Twitter username — or the username of anyone whom you want to see tweets in the style of — into the @twitter_handle field. Press Enter/Return or tap the arrow icon to start the magic.

After a short while, the site will come up with around nine fake tweets.

Every tweet has three options on it: A Post on the Twitter option that you can click to instantly share the fake tweet and thumbs up and thumbs down buttons you can use to rate how accurate the fake tweet is. Giving feedback through the thumb icons trains the bot to write more accurately.

However, AI isn’t very smart. The tweets developed are usually either nonsense, vague inspirational quotes, or extremely formal messages about finance that may not sound like you at all.

Nevertheless, this Tweet Hunter’s AI tool has gotten popular, and occasionally the site gets too overloaded to work properly. When this happens, the site might stop responding or give you a message reading “reached the limit.”

If the generator isn’t working for you, you should wait a few minutes, and then try again. Try to wait at least ten minutes.

Alternatively, if the site is telling you that you hit a limit, try using a different internet connection, or connect to a VPN, or simply, refresh.

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