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This New Foldable Electric Microcar Could Define The Future Of Urban Mobility

We all know how crowded the cities have become and finding a decent parking spot is not less than an ordeal for an urbanite. Thanks to technology, an electric microcar has been introduced by the City Transformer that can be folded and save space.  

It is said that this will be the world’s first ultra-compact electric vehicle by City Transformer. CT1 has an enclosed, high-grade, safe, and air-conditioned cabin with two wing doors. The most interesting feature of the vehicle is that it can change its width even while it is being driven. The microcar is said to decrease space problems in the traffic of urban life by simply “shape-shifting”. 

The vehicle is fairly lightweight with 992-lbs (450-kg). It offers a new, green substitute for mobility. Besides, its patented foldable e-vehicle platform, this green microcar has minimal CO2 emissions when compared to other cars. In addition, it offers a 56 mph (90 km/h) top speed when unfolded and 25 mph (40 km/h) when folded, with an estimated range between 75 and 112 miles (120 and 180 km) and fast charging that can reach 80 percent in 30 minutes. If compared to other regular cars, this micro car has a 20-hp all-electric powertrain that is made up of two 10-hp motors located at the rear wheels. 

The CT1 has a revolutionary retractable chassis technology that allows it to push its wheels out for smooth driving when it comes to stability and speed and pulls them in for easy maneuvers. It shrinks from 98 inches (250 cm) to 39 inches (100 cm) by folding in its middle part that helps slide through heavy traffic and adjust in narrow parking spots. It only has 55 inches of width (140 cm).

The City Transformer states that preorders are open now for a value of €12,500 ($14,650). The company plans to do a widescale roll-out of the electric vehicle by 2024.