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Lotus Evija Is The World’s Most Powerful Production Car

British carmaker Lotus has recently shown off the most powerful production car by the name of Lotus Evija. Evija offers 2,000hp and is pronounced as ‘e-vi-ya’. Each of the four wheels of this car can deliver more power by itself than any other car that has been created by Lotus.

Lotus is being sustained by its new owners, Chinese auto manufacturer Geely, and decided to create an electric car that can put any other production car to shame. Evija offers two thousand horsepower and just so that you get how much this is; most of the people on this planet will never drive a car that offers a quarter of this much power. Furthermore, the electric horsepower feels much faster as opposed to the gasoline horsepower because of the instantaneous torque that the car can provide.

The peak torque of Evija will be 1,700 Nm. Williams Advanced Engineering is part of the project and provided the battery pack that is capable of 2,000-kW discharge rates. It has been placed in the middle of the carbon fiber monocoque chassis and holds 70 kWh of energy. This is enough to offer a range of 400km if you drive it like a World harmonized Light vehicle Testing Procedure. If you drive it flat-out like a mad person, you are in for the most horrifying seven minutes of your life.

The battery pack by Williams Advanced Engineering for the Evija also offers an 800-kW charging capability, thus allowing owners to get a full charge within nine minutes if anyone builds a charger that quick enough. With the current charging technologies available, you can go from 0 to 80 percent charge in 12 minutes or get a full charge in 18 minutes using the fastest chargers that are available.

Lotus still has to test Evija and therefore no performance figures other than that it can take you from rest to 62 mph in under three seconds are available. The top speed is over 200 mph. Power gets delivered to the wheels of the car using individual single-speed, helical gear ground planetary gearboxes located on each driveshaft. Only 130 units of Evija are slated to be manufactured. Each unit can be personalized in terms of finish, interior trims and details, color, and even having your family crest placed on the C-pillars. It will cost you $2.1 million to get this car though!