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Retired Man Builds His Dream Car Completely Out Of Wood

Most men have a dream car and it is usually after they retire from their respective jobs that they achieve this dream. However, the man we will be talking about today had a peculiar dream car and after retiring, the 71 years old Momir Bojic built his dream car at home. This project took him about two years but trust us when we tell you; it was worth it.

Alright, so what is so unique about this particular car? Unlike many other dream cars that you see out there on the road or the ones which are being worked upon; this car employs the use of 50,000 individual pieces of Oak wood. So, no, our star of the story didn’t have to spend time in junk yards in order to collect the required parts for his dream car.

From a distance it looks just like a regular Volkswagen Beetle but let it come closer and you will realize that this is one of its kind car, made entirely out of wood by this Bosnian retiree who had this unique dream car in mind ever since he was a young man. The car is cladded with wooden shingles, thousands of them, and it wasn’t easy to machine them. In fact, every wooden piece had to go through a number of steps. The beetle has wooden components such as steering wheel, hub caps and it comes with a wooden dashboard as well. The car’s body is made out of wood pieces joined together by epoxy resin. Oh and if you are wondering, the car is fully functional too!

These days, Momir drives his dream car around the world in different countries where he attracts attention and appreciation for his hard work. Now that is some wonderful engineering, don’t you agree? Check out the youtube video below for more: