Watch A Mold-Covered VW Beetle Come Back To Life After A Deep Clean


You know your car is filthy when the detailer puts on a hazmat suit. That’s exactly what happened when this Volkswagen New Beetle arrived at WD Detailing after sitting for a few years.

The mold inside the beetle was so bad that it posed a genuine biohazard. To get inside and clean it, both detailers needed full coveralls, gloves, and respirators. While that may appear to be a lot of work for a 20-year-old beater worth less than the cost of the detailing job, the moldy Beetle comes with some emotional baggage.

The beetle’s owner purchased it after it sat for several years following the death of its previous owner. That former owner was proud of his five-speed New Beetle and drove it to auto exhibits and community events regularly. He was a true believer.

When the Beetle blew its radiator, it sat for a while until the owner arranged for it to be repaired. However, before he could have it repaired, he injured his hip, necessitating surgery. Unfortunately, problems with the surgery resulted in the death of that owner. As a result, the automobile languished for years before its present owner purchased it intending to restore it.

Overall, the exterior was in pretty good shape. Outside of the leaf pile and gunk that had accumulated inside the aftermarket plastic louver on the rear window, there wasn’t much grime. The car looked surprisingly good after the louver was removed and cleaned.

In the end, this VW New Beetle looked almost new. It was someone’s prized possession before it sat for years. It now has a second chance thanks to a little elbow grease, gallons of cleaning products, and a can-do attitude.


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