This New Electric Truck Concept Features Bat Wing-Inspired Solar Panels

As the high-performance pickup and all-terrain vehicle industry rise in demand, we’ve seen a whole slew of spectacular off-road versions, but few have marked as major a technology leap as Wolfgang’s “Thundertruck” design, a multi-purpose electric off-roader.

Wolfgang, an LA-based creative studio, debuted their Thundertruck idea, including futuristic elements like bat wing-shaped solar panels. If realized, the Wolfgang Thundertruck would not only look like a beast, but it may also be the most multifunctional electric vehicle ever made.

The Thundertruck has a full-length slide-out kitchen, integrated extendable vehicle loading ramps, fold-down steps, a 6? bed, a built-in rooftop tent, an innovative HD roof rack, and a pod system housing a set of collapsible solar awnings, and a dual-motor powertrain with a 180kW, 400-mile battery.

The futuristic interior of the Thundertruck has a central holographic display that gets real-time data from an onboard aerial drone prerunner that the EV off-roader may unleash. Moreover, it has the Range Extender Unit, which is a battery pack and storage section that sits on its axle and set of wheels, attaching to the EV’s rear end, changing it into a 6×6.

The Range Extender Unit can also function as a mobile power bank for charging other devices. As a result, it not only increases autonomy to over 560 miles per charge but also increases torque by 50% (to 1,200ft-lbs) and horsepower by 17.5 percent (to 980hp), as well as traction and payload, storage, and towing capacity, lowering the latter spec from 7,500lbs to 1,100lbs.

The Thundertruck is presently only available in illustrations. Still, with the popularity of the pickup-SxS hybrid’s technology and features, there’s no reason it couldn’t be built.

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