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This New Eco-Friendly Land Rover Can Survive In Antarctica’s Extreme Cold

This New Eco-Friendly Land Rover Can Survive In Antarctica's Extreme Cold

This remarkable four-wheeled vehicle might serve as inspiration for sci-fi films in which environmental destruction is no longer an option, and everything revolves around sustainable living. It’s as though we’ve regressed to our most original form!

As humans continue to consume all of the planet’s landmass, the planet’s most pure and sensitive areas risk being subjected to dangerous levels. Consider Antarctica, where the harsh environment has kept economic activity at bay until now. A circular economy characterized by sustainable tourism is a reasonable solution. The Land Rover ARC – Antarctica Research Concept is an idea that originates from the primary principle of lowering carbon footprint in places that aren’t as troubled as human-dominated regions.

This massive research vehicle, designed by Oliver Ball, is a moveable module on wheels for exploration and lengthy expeditions in the icy terrain. The truck uses solar and wind energy to power all of its requirements, making it a self-sustaining home place for scientists and environmentally conscious visitors.

The emphasis for interior module design is mostly on modern, simple, and airy space characteristics. There are separate bedrooms, eating spaces, storage pods, bunk beds, conference rooms, and isolated workplaces. The designer has adorned the interiors with elegance, well-arranged parts, and complementing furnishings.

Oliver feels that the emphasis for both the interiors and exteriors should be on three pillars:  Range Rover’s basic luxury, Defender’s utility, and Discovery’s research capabilities. In addition, the base stations will charge the batteries as needed to ensure that the vehicle never runs out of juice in the harshest weather.

The Land Rover ARC is, without a doubt, the kind of vehicle design that the Avatar sequels may benefit from. After all, James Cameron has a unique ability to construct worlds that no one could have imagined in their wildest dreams!

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