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Here Are 10 Genius Hacks For Your Car’s Interior

Don’t you hate when you can’t find the right spot to put your smartphone in the car? Well, look no further because all you need is these ten genius hacks to beef up your car interior using some splendid DIY ideas and ingenious gadgets. Enhance your driving experience with these tips:


Image Source: Scosche

10. Dual USB Twin Port-Plugin Unit

As iPads and iPhones have replaced the maps and road guides, the need to keep your smartphone battery juiced up has become even more pressing. The dual USB twin port car charger ReVolt offers 12W power via each port which is sufficient to charge two iPads simultaneously.  ReVolt dual is the perfect universal charger plugin for the power socket in any car.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

9. DIY Dock for All your Gadgets

The most irritating feature of the GPS navigators is that their suction mounts can block the driver’s view of the road. This DIY dock will organise all your gadgets without impeding your view.

Take a black plastic sheet and cut out a piece of it measuring 6 inches squared. Paste only the hook side of the self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners on its one side. Put the loop side on your dashboard. Place small strips of hook and loop on the front of the plastic sheet to organise your smartphone and other gadgets; and voila! You are ready to go.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

8.  Pro RAM Ball Mounts

Apart from hindering your view of the roadway, suction mounts also wreak havoc in the hot season when they keep peeling off the windshield and dropping. You can make your life easier by opting for the RAM-type ball-and-clamp mounts that do not require any suction mount. These mounts use a discreet fixed ball to keep your gadgets in place.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

7. A Convenient Coat Rack

Car coat hooks are the most annoying experience for the passengers riding in the back seat of the car. A handy trick is to get a mesh bungee used by the motorcyclists to carry a spare helmet on the fender of the bike. Tie the four corners of the bungee mesh to the four grab handles. This bungee can hold all your coats and other such articles without whipping them in the face of the riders in the back seat of the vehicle.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

6. The Floating Smartphone Holder

If you browse or use your smartphone while you drive, it is important to keep your handset nearer. You must opt for the phone mount attached to a gooseneck to keep your smartphone within easy reach. Invest in a phone mount with the original gooseneck tubing to ensure easier handling.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

5. The Dream Cup Holder

The best place for the cup holders is the door panel on your car. The marine stores offer gimballed cup holders that are ideal for such placement.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

4. A Deeper Pocket for your Door

It is a well-known fact that doors need to have deeper pockets to store all our stuff like pens, flashlights, diaries, sunglasses, and iPods. Invest in Cordura tool belt pouches and use the loop and hook fasteners to stick them to the car door.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

3. Remote CB Radio

The good old CB radio will keep you updated by relaying the info regarding the traffic delays, sites of the accident, even the spots where the speed traps have been set up. Opt for the discreet handheld CB radio units to keep track of the latest updates.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

2. Mobile Shade

Even the most flexible visors in a car leave a small gap from where the sun can fall into your eyes and render you temporarily blind. You can use the tinted plastic sheets that stick to the windshield due to its static nature. This trick is often employed by the pilots to relieve the strain on their eyes.


Image Source: Popular Mechanics

1. Cockpit Cargo Carriers

There is a plethora of stuff you need to put in your car as you embark on a road trip. And on the top of it, all these things need to be handy. You can store all the important things in cockpit cargo carriers and tie it to the front of the car seat. This way, you can fit all the important stuff right under your knees.

Do you know any car-interior hacks to upgrade the driving experience? Let us know in comments!

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