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Endeavor Kit Transforms Your Bike Into A Trike

Endeavor Kit – Transform Your Bike into Trike7

Reverse trike motorcycles are becoming popular and owing to this rising popularity, here’s a new kit known as Endeavor Trike kit which will work with all kinds of bikes and shall convert them into reverse trike motorcycles. The kit has been made by a motorcyclist, Norm Kokes.

The kit makes use of a main frame that affixes to the actual motorcycle through an adapter cradle. The cradle’s front is constant, that is to say that it remains the same, and this part gets attached to the main frame. The back is crafted to fit onto the bike. Apart from working as an adapter, this cradle is also home to the radiator for motorcycles that are water-cooled as well as those which are air-cooled. 

The bike’s kit is covered with body panels that are customizable and give a unique look to the bike. The service of the front end can be carried out by removing these panels (takes about 10 minutes) by removing 10 bolts. As a matter of fact, users can restore their bike to the original condition as well since no modification to the original bike is required for this kit to work. Kokes has also claimed that the kit can be installed by a user within few hours by making use of traditional wrenches.

Norm owns three bikes, which are different and has them all equipped with the unique prototype Endeavor kit. The kit shall be entering the production phase soon and the price has been estimated at $8,000-9,000, which will also cover the installation. Check out the video below for more details: