This New Cargo Tricycle Can Tow Up To 550 Pounds

Dolas e Bike, a German startup, has introduced an innovative electric cargo trike named the Defender 250, poised to revolutionize urban cycling akin to rollerblades transforming skating. Departing from traditional trike designs, this tricycle features a unique inline formation of three tires, each equipped with a 250-watt motor, enabling it to tow an impressive 550 pounds. Described as an “all-wheel-drive bicycle” by Derek Markham of CleanTechnica, the Defender 250 offers versatility in its wheel configuration.

The e-trike is equipped with a color LCD screen on the handlebars, a long-lasting motor, and an adjustable frame that can convert storage space into a tandem seat for recreational rides. Positioned as an excellent option for short distances, electric bikes, in general, contribute to pollution reduction and offer cost-effective transportation compared to cars.

While most electric bikes cover 20 to 50 miles on a single battery charge, factors such as weight and weather conditions can influence range, according to In contrast, the Defender 250 surpasses these figures with an impressive maximum range of approximately 112 miles, thanks to its high-efficiency motor. The company website highlights a “patented moving frame” with an “intelligent suspension system” that facilitates seamless handling across various terrains, enhancing its appeal.

The growing interest in eco-friendly e-bikes is evident from Statista data, indicating a continual increase in the overall market. Dolas e Bike, based in Berlin and actively developing bikes since 2017, positions the Defender 250 as the “future of mobility.”

As the company prepares for imminent sales, it anticipates substantial success in the dynamic urban transportation landscape, contributing to the rising popularity of sustainable transportation solutions. Sales for the Defender 250 are slated to commence soon, marking a significant milestone for the company and potentially shaping the future of urban mobility.

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