This New Cupholder Can Keep Beverages Stable In Any Position

A versatile cupholder has been designed to lend a hand to people who are associated with offices, schools, or universities to bring their favorite drinks along with them with ease of carrying. We have seen that the Starbucks paper holders and other similar kinds of drink holders usually have the possibility of overflowing the drink. That is why they can’t be taken along while moving. However, this new cupholder design not only has the potential to make the drinks stable but can also be transported efficiently.

Two prototypes have been developed, with the second one considered the most structured and well organized. The prototype is composed of three circular rings that are linked together by a metal stick. The rings can be hitched to an umbrella for easy holding. It can carry three cups and they can be transported easily, but the aim of mitigating the threat of overflowing is not being fulfilled here. It is built using cheap materials, which makes it inefficient for holding heavier drinks and cannot guarantee safe transportation.

On the other hand, the second prototype, which is a stronger and better version than the first one, took about a quarter of the period to design every part of the holder with full efficacy. This prototype ensures stability, convenience, and safety during transportation. It has been built by using reliable materials that can not only stably grip the holders but also have the capability to hold multiple cups of drinks together.

The second prototype is based on the gyroscopic principle, which balances the x-y rotations of the cup holders and also makes them stabilized as well. It is very lightweight, with a weighing scale of 400 grams. Besides this, it can carry up to four cup holders, with each one being filled. Moreover, the rods through which these cup holders are aligned are made up of special carbon fibers.

Apart from this, the technology is designed in a way that may greatly reduce the space acquired by the cups. They can easily be folded together and can be reduced to the cuboid of 45x15x4 cm. Also, on rainy days, the hook attached to the holder comes out and can be attached to the umbrella or a school bag. The base of these incredible cup holders has sensors attached that use the hand temperature to take out the cup. It is usually set at 34–36.5 degrees.

There are two small drawers attached to the base, and they can supply sugar or cream when opened. However, when the temperature is not within a normal range, the LED light flickers red and the buzzer starts beeping. This allows people to automatically detect that they can’t touch the cup holders and drawers. Moreover, the control can be changed from automatic to manual during washing or any type of maintenance.

This technology has great potential to be used in professional places or to be sold to businesses as well. There are huge prospects of making a profit from this business in the long run.

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