MSI Has Launched A New Gaming Foot Pedal That Can Be Programmed To Play Any Game

Let’s forget the conventional mouse and keyboard combination for gaming and talk about the newly developed technology, i.e., the Liberator. MSI, which is a well-known gaming brand, has unveiled its incredible and sophisticated foot paddle that can primarily be used for gaming technology. The Liberator is fully programmed and consists of three buttons in different locations which can be easily accessed. Through the use of this technology, the gamers can now use their foot entirely rather than using their hands and can play the games with full concentration.

 This unrivaled electric foot paddle comes with three buttons, while the main panel rests under the front bottom of the foot. The other two buttons constitute the bumper keys that can be accessed by tilting your foot in the left and right positions. However, this Liberator will be integrated with PC software that allows the keys to perform the required actions. These actions can be in games or even in other programs as well. This means that we can control the performance actions related to any program on the PC through the Liberator.

Moreover, shortcuts can also be allocated and can be linked to the PC software in order to avoid the long pressing of buttons. This can also make users perform certain movements in games in a matter of not seconds but milliseconds. This can be supported by the official statement of the MSI company, which says that the response time of the Liberator is “milliseconds”.

However, if we talk about the design specifications, this gaming foot pedal is perfectly designed to be placed on the ground and is made in a “tread-like pattern” to keep the foot in a stable position. To give it a glimmering touch, RGB lights are mounted on the edges of the Liberator. The most interesting thing about this technology is that up to four Liberators can be integrated, which can give gaming enthusiasts a thrilling experience of playing with 12 buttons altogether.

Talking about its price specifications, it costs the US $159 for one Liberator, and if you are buying it in two packs, then that would cost you up to $279. To generate pre-sales, the company demanded from its marketing team to “generate pre-sales and to connect and build a community of excited fans.” According to the company, shipping of the Liberators is expected to commence in December if everything goes according to plan.

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